Zirve Yatirim & Dis Ticaret Inc. has created the ZirveStone brand in 2008 with the contributions of domestic and international investors in order to develop and diversify its activities in the Russian and Azerbaijanian market.

Active in the fields of natural stone and construction projects with its headquarters in Istanbul, Zirve Yatirim & Dis Ticaret Inc. is increasing its familiarity, position and strength in the industry together with projects in Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan.

The entire “Ankara Haydar Aliyev Memorial Park” project which is based in Turkey is in commemoration of Haydar Aliyev, who has declared the independence of Azerbaijan and is among the special leaders and statesmen of the world. To keep his name alive and convey his determination, motivation and mindset for future generations, the project was developed by ZirveStone using professional knowledge and expertise. ZirveStone is honoured and proud to have brought this splendid and comprehensive project onto its last phase.

Another important project in Ankara that we have completed is the construction of the “Khojaly Memorial Park”. The park was planned to be built in collaboration with the Azerbaijan Embassy in Ankara, Azerbaijan Youth Enterprise Union and Kizilcahamam Municipality in memory of the Khojaly Genocide which took place 25 years ago as one of the most painful memories in history of mankind. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in May 2012 and it went public on March 27th 2014, with the memorial ceremony for the Khojaly Massacre.

Our achievements in Azerbaijan under the ZirveStone brand has reached beyond our field of expertise with the application of our projects in the construction sector. The projects we have completed contribute to structures that enrich the social and cultural life in the country. Marxal Resort & Spa, Respublika Guesthouse and Hotel Respublika in Baku are the best examples for this.

ZirveStone, which has been a business partner of respectable companies in the private sector with wide scope projects, was a stakeholder in the Shahdag Tourism Complex, planned by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Tourism and Culture to develop summer-winter, bi-season tourism in the country. The complex includes activities such as the first ski-runs of Azerbaijan, a golf club, horse riding and swimming over an area that covers 1500 hectares. As part of this project, ZirveStone provided material supply and application services on site.

ZirveStone will continue to be the name behind magnificent national and international projects that brings value to nature itself and humanity. The contribution with natural stone products by completing turn-key projects and taking care of every detail from architectural projects to landscaping and environmental layouts, we will keep on providing a unique service concept that combines quality and excellence at every stage.